2006 - Official end of production of the Hummmer H1. "Unfortunately, in recent years, the production and actual retail sale of the Hummer H1 have fallen to a level between 200 and 300 vehicles per year. At that level of sales, the GM dealers tell us that with a vehicle that costs $145-150,000 each, it just becomes too difficult to find customers willing to pay." So unless GM decides otherwise, if you want a Hummer H1 you gotta buy a used one. Here are some tips from Mr Donkey in regards to purchasing a used monster machine. Read the tips while peaking at some great choices in the Donkey Catalog for Hummer H1

Shifting - Make sure the transmission shifts into all 4 gears. Drive the truck around town and on the freeway.

Transfercase - Check if the transfercase will shift properly into 4H and 4L. To test this it's best to drive on a gravel road. TIP: If there is a problem getting the truck out of lock put it in reverse for about 5 feet and then shift into N and shift the transfercase.

Body Mounts / Sagging Springs - Drive the truck in a slow tight turn in both directions. See if the tires are rubbing on the hood or suspension. If you hear any creaking noises it could be loose front body mounts. It could also indicate over sized tires or sagging springs.

Shocks - Many drivers don't realize that their shocks are worn due to the strong springs of the Hummer. See if the truck swings around corners. This could imply worn shocks.

Shakes @ High Speeds - Take it up to 75mph on the freeway and see if it shakes. At that point you will be able to feel it in the steering wheel. Some trucks have vibration problems due to bent wheels, out of round tires, worn suspension parts or unbalanced tires. Alternativly, if vibration comes from under the drivers feet and not the wheel it could be a bad front drive shaft. See if the truck pulls to one side or the other. This could be a brake problem or alignment. Alignments for Hummer's could get costy.

Breaks - The brake pedal should be firm and should not vibrate nor pulse. Pulsing brakes indicate a warped rotor. Truck should stop straight without swording. Softer brakes indicate air in the line. Do not skip on checking the brake pads for wear. Parking Break - Test the truck's parking brake. Put the truck in gear and check if the brake holds the truck back. Make sure the brake releases. The parking brake is part of the rear calipers and can get costy. Little Things - Take a look at all the gauges and make sure they work. Play the radio / cd and make sure it works. Run the wipers and take a look at all the lights.

Most Important - Take your time looking at the truck. You might want to take 10 minutes or so away from it and finilize your decision.

1996 Hummer H1 Lifted Hummer H1 Upgraded AC Fuel Wheels Dual Tanks
Price: $35100.0

1994 Hummer H1 HUMMER H1 HUMVEE
Price: $14100.0

1995 Hummer H1 1995 Hummer, Matte black, H1, big block 8.1l gas engine, great looking H1
Price: $30000.0

1985 Hummer H1 M998 Humvee HMMWV M998 UT on-road title HMC4
Price: $27000.0

1987 Hummer H1 **Original 567 Miles Humvee H1***Time Capsule 1 of 1 for mileage & year
Price: $23100.0

2008 Hummer H1 M998 Humvee HMMWV M998 UT on-road title HMC4
Price: $27000.0

1989 Hummer H1 -- HUMVEE M998 HMMWV 4X4 41,000 Miles Black SUV V8 6.2L Automatic HELICOPTER HOOKS
Price: $22500.0

2002 Hummer H1 2002 HUMMER H1 Wagon 6.5 Diesel only 27k Miles ! BLACK Many Extras !
Price: $105995.0

1987 Hummer H1 h1 hummer humvee no Reserve
Price: $13500.0

1996 Hummer H1 1996 PEDIGREED H-1 HUMMER, Looking for a New Home
Price: $44550.0

HUMMER H1 4-Passenger Wagon 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha, Custom Wheels and Tires, Roof Rack, LED Lights, WOW!
Price: $172000.0

2002 Hummer H1 2002 Hummer H1
Price: $49000.0

HUMMER H1 Alpha 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Wagon Custom / Modified by Predator / A Must See
Price: $139999.0

2006 Hummer H1 Hummer H1 Hummercore
Price: $149900.0

1987 Hummer H1 M998 AM General HMMWV/ humvee/6.5 Diesel/low miles/great shape
Price: $12600.0

2003 Hummer H1 42k low mile free shipping warranty open top 4x4 exotic clean finance turbo
Price: $61995.0

1996 Hummer H1 Hummer H1 Hummercore H1
Price: $13850.0

1991 Hummer H1 1991 American General HMMWV Humvee Hummer H1 M1038 M998 Truck
Price: $26500.0

1988 Hummer H1 1988 Hummer H1 HUMVEE Pick up truck
Price: $22500.0

2000 Hummer H1 Highly Outfitted 2000 Benelli H1 Hummer Wagon
Price: $65000.0

1980 Hummer H1 H1/Humvee
Price: $20200.0

Hummer H1 Open Top 2006 Open Top Used Turbo 6.6L V8 32V Automatic 4WD SUV Premium
Price: $174900.0

Price: $169999.0

1988 Hummer H1 M998 1988 Hummer H1 HUMVEE M998 HMMWV
Price: $28100.0

2002 Hummer H1 2002 Hummer H1--Yellow with Removale Top
Price: $55000.0

1997 Hummer H1 1997 Hummer H1 **NEW ENGINE** lower price - MAKE OFFER!
Price: $74995.0

Price: $64999.0

1994 Hummer H1 m998 A2 Humvee
Price: $24000.0

H1 M998 Hmmwv 1987 Hummer H1 M998 Hmmwv Troop Carrier
Price: $18777.0

2000 Hummer H1 Wagon 4-Door 2000 Hummer H1 Wagon 4-Door SUV ($145K MSRP) 1/1 BUILD / HIGHLY UPGRADED / RARE
Price: $89880.0

H1 Alpha Open Top 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Open Top, 40K miles, Duramax Engine, Allison Transmission
Price: $165888.0

1999 Hummer H1 Truck H1 Hummer
Price: $66000.0

1999 Hummer H1 1999 H1 Hummer Open Top
Price: $67000.0

2000 Hummer H1 H1 2000 Hummer H1
Price: $68900.0

HUMMER H1 4-Passenger Open Top Alpha Fully Custom 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha, Fully Custom, 46" Tires, Fuel Wheels, HUGE Lift, WOW!
Price: $172000.0

2001 Hummer H1 2GC pkg 2001 Hummer H1 Open Top, Super Clean, heavy block.
Price: $64000.0

1998 Hummer H1 1998 Hummer H1 Super Clean! Red/Beige Leather, I-6 24v Cummins, 2&4wd 36800 mile
Price: $98498.0

2000 Hummer H1 4 Man Hard Top HMC4 2000 Hummer H1 4 Man Hard Top HMC4, Rockstar Wheels, 4X4, Turbo Diesel
Price: $67888.0

H1 Wagon 4dr Turbodiesel 2003 Hummer H1 Wagon, Turbo Diesel, Leather, Custom Stereo, D-Ring Brush Guard
Price: $76888.0

H1 4 Man Hard Top Slant Back 2000 Hummer H1 4 Man Hard Top Slant Back, Leather, Custom Stereo, LED, Rockstars
Price: $76888.0

1992 Hummer H1 1992 Hummer H1
Price: $42000.0

1999 Hummer H1 H1 Hummer Rare Slantback
Price: $67100.0

2001 Hummer H1 Turbo Diesel, 1 Owner, Clean Carfax 2001 Hummer H1 AM General, 1 Owner, Clean Carfax/Title, Low Miles
Price: $69000.0

2002 Hummer H1 New Leather Interior, 2k Sound System, No Issues 2002 Hummer H1, Full New Interior, 2k Sound System, Rear Jump Seat, No Issues!!!
Price: $89995.0

AM General Hummer Military SUV Diesel 1995 AM General Military SUV Top and Doors
Price: $24900.0

Hummer M1097 Humvee Full Restorations Humvee M1097 1995 Hummer M1097 Humvee FULL Restorations Only 1480 Miles Like New.
Price: $159950.0

H1 Open Top Hummer H1 Flame Red Pearl with 36,501 Miles, for sale!
Price: $152000.0

H1 Predator BJ Motors, LLC , Houston Texas # 1 Dodge Viper Dealer in The World
Price: $129995.0

H1 -- 1993 HUMMER H1 9187 Miles Black SUV V8 6.2L Automatic
Price: $39999.0

H1 Open Top 2000 Hummer H1, Pewter Metallic with 66616 Miles available now!
Price: $66500.0

H1 HMCS 1996 HUMMER H1 HMCS 56251 Miles White Wagon 5.7L 8 CYLINDER Automatic
Price: $48750.0

H1 4-Passenger Wgn Enclosed 4-Passenger Wgn Enclosed 1999 Hummer H1 63938 Miles
Price: $57990.0

H1 -- 2003 HUMMER H1 42666 Miles Competition Yellow SUV 6.5L Turbo-Diesel V8 Engine A
Price: $61995.0